Cute Ant Craft – Make A Colony Of Ants You’ll Want To Keep

Collective noun ant craft

We’re back talking about creative collective nouns and this time we’re going to be making the cutest little ant craft. If you love this then do have a look at the last #CreativeNounCrafts series a did with a group of other crafts bloggers. There were some gorgeous craft ideas all based … Continue reading


Make Adorable Loopdedoo Bracelets In Just A Few Minutes

How To Make Loopdedoo Bracelets

Tweens love making friendship bracelets. They’re bright, trendy, relatively cheap and fairly quick and easy to make … depending on how complicated a bracelet you make of course! And now you can buy this really handy little gadget that helps speed up the twisty spiral bracelet making process … it’s called … Continue reading


How To Make A Helicopter Seed Christmas Tree Card

How to make a helicopter seed Christmas tree card

Helicopter seeds (we call them Sycamore Seeds in the UK) are beautiful to craft with as this gorgeous Helicopter Seed Christmas Tree Card demonstrates. They are visually such a beautiful and tactile material to craft with and although I have used glitter on them you could leave this out and leave the warm … Continue reading


How to Make Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees To Decorate Your Home

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement is gaining momentum in our house as Christmas Eve creeps closer and closer. The girls are excitedly writing lists, planning meals and remembering the treasure trove of decorations stored in our attic. You can never have too many Christmas decorations and … Continue reading


A Super Simple, Quick Mono Print Christmas Tree Card

Super quick Mono print Christmas Tree card

You know how it is. Your rushing around like a looney trying to get everything sorted for Christmas and then you remember you promised your kiddo you’d make some christmas cards with them. Don’t panic! This Mono Print Christmas Tree Card is super easy, super and looks amazing when it’s finished. Contains … Continue reading