Paper Plate Rainbow Garden

Paper Plate flowers

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This Paper Plate Rainbow Garden Collage is a great example of why I love using paper plates for collage projects. Their strong composition means you can pile on lots of different materials and the round shape perfectly frames the finished creation. I made this with one of my daughters about five years ago and it’s … Continue reading

Garden Butterfly Craft with Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 Laminator

Butterfly Craft

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We have a massive wooden fence that runs around out garden and although I try to pretty to up with plants there’s still a lot of fence on who so I decided to use the wooden fence to our advantage and use it as a board for displaying out gorgeous laminated … Continue reading

Yarn Craft Teepee – Tea Light Holder

Yarn Craft Teepee

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Grab yourself some sticks, yarn and cardboard, glue gun and make this wonderful Yarn Craft Teepee, Tea Light Holder. They are beautiful as decorations, table lights, festival accessories or just to play with. Please note you need to use battery operated tea lights not candles. Flames, twins and wool don’t work well … Continue reading

Milk Carton Pen Pot

Milk Carton Pen Pot Craft

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I love this Milk Carton (tetra pack) Craft. We give them as Teachers Gifts every year but also use them at home to hold all kinds of stationery and craft items. Because they’re water proof (they hold liquid after all) it makes them perfect for storing items that might leak such as pens … Continue reading

T-shirt Yarn Bracelets

t-shirt yarn bracelets

These fun coloured t-shirt yarn bracelets are super chic, easy to make and best of all cheap. The perfect thrifty Summer accessory for kids and adults. Great for the beach, holidays, parties, going out, hanging out and of course festivals. You Need T-shirt yarn (buy in a shop or make your own), ribbon … Continue reading

Crafts With Feathers – #GetYourCraftOn

Crafts With Feathers

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I’m super excited as this months #GetYourCraftOn theme is Crafts With Feathers and I’m hosting it. It can be any type of craft (baking is allowed) and any type of feather so don’t worry if you haven’t got a real feather … paper, fabric, painted feathers etc are all just as … Continue reading

AmiGami Craft Toy


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Have you heard about the new AmiGami craft toy by Mattel? They are super cute, little plastic creatures with interchangeable patterned paper parts. They are great fun to do on your own but even more fun if you get a bunch of your buddies together for an AmiGami Craft Party. Each pet comes … Continue reading

Spring Pipe Cleaner Craft

Spring Pipe Cleaner Craft

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I’m taking part in another fabulous giveaway co-hosted by members of the amazing KBN (Kid Blogger Network). Each blogger joining in the giveaway has also posted a great Spring craft collection so do pop over and see all the crafty posts listed at the bottom. Three lucky winners will win $500! how amazing … Continue reading

Heart Pebbles, Heart Stones And Love Rocks … Lets Spread Some #SLove

Heart Pebbles

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February ‘the month of love‘ is upon us and I’ve decided to spread a little love and happiness around me by making some Heart Pebbles, Heart Stones and Love Rocks to leave in random places for strangers to find, keep or even pass on to others. I grabbed a pile … Continue reading

Crafts of Love – #GetYourCraftOn

Love GetYourCraftOn

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We’re rapidly heading towards the month of LOVE which gives me the perfect theme for this months #GetYourCraftOn #GYCO. Come and share your hearts, love birds, cupids, sweet treats, romantic interiors etc on instagram, google+, twitter facebook and of course the linky below. The crafts don’t have to be yours. If you see … Continue reading