Diva Duck

Say hello to the Diva Duck.

A duck with style glamour and panache.

To make her we used: White card, polystyrene ball, glue, sticky squares, feathers, magic maize, traditional pipe cleaners, foam googly eyes and gems.

1. To make the head push a wooden stick into your polystyrene ball and whilst holding that cover the ball with an even layer of glue.

2. Cover the ball with yellow coloured craft sand. sand is very unforgiving when it comes to lumps and bumps so try to get a good even spread of the glue. If the glue is too thick it will run and so will the sand!

3. Set aside to dry.

sandy ball

4. Cut a semicircle out of card and turn it into a cone. I used sticky squares but you can also use double-sided sticky tape.

5. Stick feather onto the cone working from the bottom up. Cut any that stick above the point of the cone.

6. Next make a head band using a strip of foam, a few small feathers and a sparkly gem. Set aside to dry.

7. Wiggle the wooden stick out of the head and using a pair of scissors, make the hole large enough so that the head can be glued down on top of the cone. 

8. Stick some googly eyes, a beak (a flattened piece of magic maize bent in half is perfect) and add the head band

9. Finally make 2 small holes in the cardboard cone to push pipe cleaners in for her arms (I think the texture of traditional pipe cleaners are great for this) and again flatten a piece of magic maize to make a her hand.

10. Lastly stick a jewel just under her head at the top of the cone.

How cool are these ladies :)

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4 Responses to Diva Duck

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  2. angie says:

    so super cute and so fancy looking come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  3. Brilliant! That really made me smile!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Ali says:

    Your diva ducks looks amazing. This is a great project.

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