Wild Grass Seed Head Art

These wild grass seed heads are really common at the moment. My girls love playing with them because they stick to each other when they throw them like darts.

Wild Grass Seed Heads

They are also a really interesting material for making simple yet beautiful pictures out of. When they’re green and fresh you can bend them slightly to make the bristles stand up. Once they’ve dried it’s easy to carefully break them apart and create all kinds of wonderful things.

Wild Grass Seed Head Parts

Add some googly eyes and you open up a whole new world of exotic birds and beast.

Wild Grass Seed Head Picture 1 Wild Grass Seed Head Picture babies

A splattering of paint turns them into fireworks, shooting stars …

Wild Grass Seed Head Firework

They are quite delicate so if you create a masterpiece you want to keep like this wonderful creature then I would put it in a glass fronted box frame.

Wild Grass Seed Head Picture Fish

This was part of weekly craft hangout organised by Red Ted Art. The theme was Flowers and Leaves so I cheated a teeny bit by using a seed but I think I can get away with that as they are plants.

Watch the video below to get some more great craft ideas and then go visit the blogs for a more detailed description on how to make them.

With Thanks To

Red Ted Art – How to dry flowers, a beautiful dandelion crown, some cute poppy dancers

Kids Chaos – A bright and beautiful Andy Goldsworthy style flowers and leaves pavement collage

The Imagination Tree – Laminated Dried Flower Crown, Book Mark and Suncatcher (blog Post to Come)

Crystals Tiny Treasures – Cute pressed flower glass tile coasters

Me and My Shadow – Make your own watercolours using flowers (just brilliant)

Here Come The Girls – Cute pressed flower keepsake

Domestic Godessque – The cutest helicopter seed cards

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8 Responses to Wild Grass Seed Head Art

  1. greenmum2 says:

    I showed the boys these, hoping to inspire them to do something other than throw them into each others’ hair! :)

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  4. Mammasaurus says:

    What a smashing idea!

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  6. Carrie says:

    How fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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