Cardboard TubeTorus

So how do you bend a card board tube easily …

I have discovered that the simple card board tuber makes the most fantastic ‘Torus’ shape (imagine a hollow ring doughnut). Have a look at wikipedia if you want a bit more information.

card board tube torus

It’s very easy to make (you can make them out of toilet roll tubes as well) and is just simply a wonderfully tactile shape to play with. I have so many ideas for this so expect lots of blog posts over the next few weeks!

To make a ‘Torus’ you need … A card board tube, sharp scissors and some sticky tape.

1. Slightly squash your cardboard tube and cut into segments leaving about 0.5-1 cm uncut at the end of each incision.

card board tube sliced

2. bend each segment slightly so it starts to curve.

card board tube sliced finished

3.  Tape the ends together and you’re done.

The following video explains in a little more detail.


There are so many things you can make with these wonderfully tactile shapes. the simplest being to stack them. You can even cover them with paper before cutting and use them as table decorations.

Stacked cardboard tube torus   Torus vase

watch out for this shape reappearing in a few blog posts soon!


For More cardboard tube ideas watch the video below.


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  4. Brilliant! Why didn’t I invent these! Ali x

  5. amy rhodes says:

    I love this idea would you share it on my new linky party? Look forward to seeing you there.

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