Make A Family ‘Book Of Kisses’ Christmas Tree Decoration

I’m joining in the wonderful 10 Days of Kid Made Ornaments which involves designing a ‘kid made christmas tree decoration’ based on a childrens book.

I’ve chosen to pick a book by David Melling who is one of my favourite children authors. His charming, heart felt and funny childrens picture books appeal to both children and adults. He manages to pull in just the right amount of sentiment without being soppy, all packaged up with delightful illustrations.

The Kiss That Missed (USA Amazon, UK Amazon) is one of my favourites and follows the adventures of a loyal knight who has to track down a busy Kings hurriedly blown, goodnight kiss that misses his son and flies out the window.

The Kiss That missed

It’s such a sweet story that gently reminds you of the importance of a goodnight kiss and how it shouldn’t be rushed. With that in mind I decided that we would make a ‘Book of Kisses’ to hang on our Christmas Tree.

Book Of Kisses Tree Ornament

To Make The ‘Book Of Kisses’ Christmas Tree Decoration You Will Need

Felt Card (and old cereal box is fine) Red ribbon A4 Plain paper PVA glue or sewing thread Gold paint Lipstick

Book Of Kisses

Cut a 16cm x 5 cm piece of felt and a 7cm x 4 cm piece of card. Fold the felt in half to make a defined crease and glue on your piece of ribbon so that it makes a hanging loop.

Book of kisses hanging loop

Fold the card in half to get a defined crease that will be the spine of the book. Glue the card onto the centre of the felt aligning up the creases.  Be careful not to stretch the felt gluing the card on.

Book Of Kisses Card Support

Now fold over the edges of the felt and glue onto the other side of the card leaving a small gap right in the centre of the card with the crease line exposed. This is where the pages of the paper will be glued.

Book of Kisses decoration

Using your felt book cover as a guide cut out three strips of paper that are a little less than the height and width of the book cover.  These will be the pages of your book.

Book of Kisses Christmas Decoration

 Take one of the folded pieces of paper, paint a little glue along the paper spine and glue it into the centre of your book cover.

Book of Kisses Ornament

Add glue to the spine of the remaining pieces and glue them into the centre as well. Leave to dry.

Paint a gold kiss on the outside of the felt cover.

Now for the fun part. Put lipstick on each member of the family and get them to kiss a page in the book.

Book Of Kisses Christmas Tree Decoration

Quickly hang on the tree so your kisses don’t get lost!

Little book of kisses Christmas Tree decoration

This also makes a beautiful gift to send to family.

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13 Responses to Make A Family ‘Book Of Kisses’ Christmas Tree Decoration

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  2. Erin Buhr says:

    This is a new book for me! What a cute ornament.

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  5. So clever! What a fun book and nice project. I wouldn’t have figured out how to make that without your step by step photos. Thanks! Pinned, tweeted!

  6. Melissa says:

    Oh my gosh – what a neat book, totally need to check that out!! The book of kisses is adorable.

  7. What a wonderful and unique keep sake idea.

  8. That is such a cute idea, I so want to make one now! Best wait til the girls wake up 😉

  9. What a lovely little ornament, I really want to make one with the kids now

  10. Erica Price says:

    What a sweet idea! Very easy to make too.

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  12. Ninjacat says:

    what beautiful keepsake I love this idea

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