Simply Stylish Wool Heart Wreath Decorations

Yarn Heart Wreath

I love these simple Heart Wreath decorations. All you need are some card scraps (I used old packing boxes) and some cheap wool/yarn. Draw out a heart shape on your card and then cut out the center leaving about 1cm heart outline. I find it easiest to fold the heart in … Continue reading

Country Meadow Diorama / Story Box

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Diorama (story boxes) are one of my favourite crafts to do with my girls along with collage. Introducing children to mixed media art work is fantastic for helping develop their creativity which can only be a good thing. These Country Meadow Story boxes were made a few years ago by … Continue reading

Shoe Box Shelves For Collectibles

Shoe Box Storage Shelves

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These shoe box shelves are great for displaying children’s Moshi Monster Collections and what’s great about them is that they’re made out of a shoe box … really!!! You can use any size shoe box (children’s or adults). The thing to bear in mind is that the size of the shelf … Continue reading

Upcycle a Cardboard Box into…

Cardboard Town House

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Everyone loves to play with a cardboard box. It’s a well known fact that children get enormous pleasure playing with and up-cycling cardboard boxes into wonderful flying machines, vehicles, buildings, monsters etc Fellowes recently commissioned British artist, Chris Gilmour, to have a play with some of their flat pack boxes. … Continue reading

Norman The Slug Costume World Book Day Costume

Norman The Slug World Book Day Costume

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell has been a firm favourite in this house for a few years. Written by Sue Hendra this fun story line (Norman wants to more than just an ordinary slug) and wonderful bright graphics make this a gorgeous book to read. So when it came to … Continue reading

Cardboard TubeTorus

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So how do you bend a card board tube easily … I have discovered that the simple card board tuber makes the most fantastic ‘Torus’ shape (imagine a hollow ring doughnut). Have a look at wikipedia if you want a bit more information. It’s very easy to make (you can make them … Continue reading