Craft Stick Easels

These craft stick easels, (also known as lolly stick or even popsicle sticks) are another simple and beautiful way display small photo’s and pictures.

Easel Frames All

A  perfect Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Teachers gift. In fact a perfect gift for anyone.

For each easel you will need 8 craft sticks, pva (white) glue and some decoration although they look lovely ‘au naturel’. You can decorate them with paint, string, gems, shells, foam … the list is endless.

One of the craft sticks needs to be carefully bent. To bend a craft stick place it in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Leave it to soak for at least a couple of hours. Then remove the stick and carefully bend the stick back and forward slightly along its length. keep doing this making the movement slightly bigger until you are able to bend it into an arch. You will need to place it in something that will hold the shape until it dries. I use my radiator top to keep it in an arch shape.

To make the easel frame. Glue three sticks together. This is the picture support ledge of the easel.

Craft stick frame 1

Glue the sticks together to make a picture frame.

Craft stick Frame 2

Glue the bent stick on the back of the frame and leave to dry.

Craft stick Frame 3

Remember that it is only the bottom bar that will get seen so save your decoration for that area.

Craft stick frame thread

Twine easel

Craft stick polka dot Craft stick gold Craft Easel shells

If you want some more fabulous ideas on things to make using craft sticks have a look at our Craft Stick Picture Frames.

This was part of this weeks craft hangout with Red Ted Art. Watch the video below for lots of more fab crafting ideas.


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8 Responses to Craft Stick Easels

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  2. Liz Burton says:

    These are simply BRILLIANT! You’re right such a great Father’s day gift.

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  5. Katie Adams says:

    I love this and such a great craft! I would love for you to share this on my weekly link party Blog Stalking Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. These look great! And we have a LOT of lolly sticks in our house!!

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