DIY Flower Shoes

I thought I’d share these fun DIY Flower Shoes I made for my girls way before I started blogging.

DIY Flower Shoes

They had a ‘Mad Shoe’ day at nursery so I grabbed some croc style shoes and set to work creating three little flower gardens shoe sets.

Spider Flower Shoes

Spider Flower Shoes Right

Spider Flower Shoes Side

 Using mainly paper flowers, buttons, pipe cleaners, gems and skeleton leaves I created a little micro habitat on each shoe.

Bumble Flower Shoes


Bumble Flower Shoes Side

Everything is glued on to the shoe using a hot glue gun and it all stayed firmly in place … apart from when they pulled off some pieces to give to their friends!

Dragonfly Flower Shoes

 Dragonfly Flower Shoes Right

Dragonfly Flower Shoes Side

They looked adorable in them.

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24 Responses to DIY Flower Shoes

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  2. sophie says:

    Aw there so cute! I bet the girls love them.


  3. Georgie says:

    These are incredible and for someone who hates spiders your pipe cleaner one is so cute!!

  4. Helen says:

    They are adorable! My LO will love making and wearing a pair of flower shoes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Eileen Teo says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing with us at #pintorials

  6. Now they were CUTE!! Fantastic idea!
    My girls would love every minute of being set loose on their own shoes with embellishments & glue! …Fantastic summer job 🙂

  7. awww how adorable are those shoes!! my little girl would love these

  8. So many little girls are going to love these, including mine! Lovely idea

  9. leonii amber says:

    Im not a big fan of crocs but oh my these are brilliant my kids are mad about shoes this would be an awesome activity im going to give it ago!!

  10. Rachel says:

    Aww how really cute are these? Watch out Jimmy Choo x

  11. helen gandy says:

    Oh my goodness they are so cute! What a great idea.X

  12. hannah staveley says:

    Hahrr I love them so cute.

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh now those are some wonderful looking shoes! Haha what fun! x

  14. haha great shoes! Adorable on little girls… maybe not so much on adults!!

  15. kerry says:

    Love this idea!! They’re super cute for little girls !

  16. Sonia says:

    Aww these are so adorable. Nice work 🙂

  17. Gemma says:

    Aw these are so cute! Will have to try a boy version on my 5yr old as the older girls are a bit too old and the baby too young!

  18. Jen Walshaw says:

    These are too cute and they look ace. I am sure they all adore them

  19. Kara says:

    Eliza would never take these off if they were her shoes!

  20. Ninajcat says:

    These are cutest , these are so a great activity for summer

  21. Laura says:

    this looks amazing! Such a fun and unique idea for kids to make something personalised.

  22. Emma says:

    They are gorgeous Anthea!!!

  23. Erica Price says:

    What a lot of fun! I bet they are very popular.

  24. What a unique idea for little ones

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