Easy DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries

The wonderful thing about these DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries is that they look beautiful no matter what time of day it is. The bright white sand gives clean fresh snowy decor during the day and at night changes to a warm frosting as the flames flicker behind it.

DOY frosted glass jar luminaries

To Make Your DIY Frosted Jam Jar Luminaries You Will Need

  • Empty jam jars
  • White craft sand
  • PVA/White glue
  • Cricut Window cling (any colour will do)
  • Cricut Explore (you could cut simple shapes by hand)
  • Baking sheet to catch sand on
  • Paint brush
  • Weeder tool or a long pin will be fine
  • Tea light (battery or flame)
  • Optional – very fine white sugar glitter

DIY frosted luminary materials

Window cling is an amazingly versatile craft material because it can be used on so many surfaces and isn’t permanent. It’s perfect for making temporary stickers when you need to make silhouette shapes as it’s easy to peel off.

Using Cricut Design Space I selected some stags and snowflakes to cut out on my Cricut Explore. If you don’t have a Cricut Explore you could cut out some simpler shapes by hand. Once I’d selected my images I then went through each shape and made sure it was only one layer using the editing tool. So that they were all cut at the same time I synced all the shapes by dragging them not the same colour block (also found in the right had side editing tools).

Cricut stags and snowflakes

When I went to cut them out I found I’d missed removing a couple of print shapes ( I didn’t want to print) so I just selected the cut page section on the left hand side (highlighted blue) and let the machine do it’s work

Cricut snowflakes and stags

I shrank my snowflakes to 1 inch and 0.7 inch in size and was worried the smaller snowflakes wouldn’t get cut out properly but I shouldn’t have worried … they were perfect. It doesn’t matter what colour window cling you use for this project as the shapes would eventually be thrown away. I used an an orange window cling off cut that I had left over from Halloween as a bright colour shows well under the white sand but I’ve made these using white window cling before.

Orange cricut window cling

Once you’ve weeded them off the mat (or cut them out by hand) stick them neatly, smoothing down flat, onto the glass jar.

Using orange cricut window cling to make luminaries

Cover your glass and the shape in a nice even layer of pva (white glue).

How to make a frosted glass jar luminary

Hold the glass jar over the baking paper and carefully pour the white sand over the jar until the whole surface is covered.

Frosetd Glass jar luminary with a stag

Using the weeding tool or your long pin carefully place the point just inside the edge of the window cling shape and push inwards. This will lift up the edge and allow you to peel the shape off.

Peeling window cling off a diy frosted luminary


Continue carefully peeling off any window cling shapes and then put your jar aside to dry. A radiator work really well and speeds up the drying process.

DIY frosted glass stag luminary

Frosted winter luminaries

When the glue and sand has completely dried use a large sift brush to gently remove any un-stuck grains of sand.

Easy DIY frosted jam jar luminary

Snowflake frosted luminary Diy frosted winter luminary

Oh and if you get bored with them all you have to do is soak them in hot water and you can wash the glue and sand away. Leaving you with a clean glass jar to start frosting all over again.

These beautiful DIY Frosted Glass Jar Luminaries look great during at night and during the day

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30 Responses to Easy DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries

  1. Jen Walshaw says:

    These are beautiful. If you used white window cling, you could reuse it on some more jars as they would look pretty with just the cling too

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  4. I love a bit of crafting! I will definitely be trying something similar out for spring as I have a ton of empty jars that could do with a makeover!

  5. hannah says:

    These look great and nice and wintery. Xmas may be over for 11 months, but i would still use these

  6. This is so pretty and would be a lovely way of brightening up any room. So cute x

  7. These are so cute and wintery – definitely bookmarking for next Christmas!

  8. StressedMum says:

    What a great idea, I love these I am definitely going to be trying these next christmas x

  9. Emma says:

    These are very pretty and you are very patient and creative! Could I pay you to make me some 😉 I always have crafty ideas but they never turn out this pretty!


  10. I love these, will have to try next holiday season, but hey why wait, I bet you could do outside firefly design or something for out door candles in any color, I see some great projects coming out of this one.

  11. Kit Stanwood says:

    I’ve never heard of a circuit explore before!!!! MIND BLOWN! THAT IS SO COOL!!! I’m super into crafts so this is a game changer haha i’m going to put those stickers on everything and spray paint haha okay maybe not because of how much blogging I have to do, but this is awesome. Your jars look wonderful.

  12. Anosa says:

    Oh wow what a lovley DIY, I have never done anything like this before I am definitely intrigued

  13. These jars are wonderful. I’ve been meaning to make frosted jars for ages – I have so many ideas for Valentines and Easter. AM desperately hoping that this will be the year that I finally get a Cricut machine – Have heard that they are really good for cake decorating too.

  14. Those look lovely, what a super idea. They would make great gifts and look pretty easy to make too which is a bonus.

  15. Liz Mays says:

    Oh now these are cute! I love the patterns you used. The sand looks super nice with that glow.

  16. These look so effective and very easy to make! I think they’d be a great craft with kids xxx

  17. I did something similar this year – they were really fun and easy to make x

  18. Claire says:

    These are fantastic- I am definitely making them! You are so creative.

  19. Anna nuttall says:

    What a cute little DIY projects. This look so easy and effective to do. xx

  20. kira says:

    I love these and I’ve always wanted to make some, maybe they can be a plan for the run up to christmas next year! I have pinned it for later!

  21. nicol says:

    this is such a great idea. i love how these look when lit up. ill have to try these and make it not christmasy

  22. emma white says:

    These are super cute and going to get the teens to try making these for me

  23. Jodie says:

    I’m wanting to be more creative, so this looks like fun! Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark this to do 🙂 x

  24. Laura H says:

    This is so clever! I can’t believe you made these yourself as they look like they could be from a shop. The sand detail is very clever, I never would’ve thought of that!

  25. o wow these look so well made! I think I might make them for myself soon

  26. Annie B says:

    Will bookmark and create these for next Christmas time! How cute!

  27. What a lovely idea! These Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries are gorgeous. We’d like to make the snowflake one and maybe out our initials on them x

  28. OH MY GOD! these are amazing! must try it out with my son! he’s going to love making them!

  29. Jemma says:

    These are so fun! I have to try these soon.

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