DIY Winter Lip Balm

We live by the coast and the wintry weather brings wild winds in land that can result in my girls and their friends having sore, red, chapped lips.  So we try to prevent that by making our own pocket-sized DIY Winter Lip Balm. It’s super easy to make, very thrifty, totally nourishing and makes the cutest ‘buff’ gift to give out.

Super Easy Diy Winter Lip Balm

You Will Need

1/3 Sweet almond oil (UK, USA)
1/3 Bees wax pellets (UK, USA)
1/3 Coconut Oil – I used unrefined solid cold pressed coconut oil as I wanted to keep the coconut flavour and scent but if you want no flavour and scent use liquid fractionated coconut oil (fractionated UK, USA, unrefined UK, USA)
Small Aluminium lip balm tins- mine are 10ml (UK, USA)

Materials required for super easy DIY lip balm

You can use any type of measure for the quantities … ml, g, cups, spoons, plastic containers etc, just make sure you use equal amounts of each ingredient.  For this small batch we used a tablespoons measure but, we could also have used 30ml sweet almond oil, 30g bees wax pellets and 30g solid coconut oil (it would have been 30ml if liquid).

DIY Coconut Lip Balm

First melt your beeswax in the microwave a high setting using 1 min bursts.

Add the coconut oil and sweet almond oil and gently stir until the coconut oil melts. If necessary heat gently in 15-20 second hurts until all the coconut oil is melted. If you’re using liquid coconut oil you won’t need to reheat.

Don’t be tempted to heat it all together as the bee’s wax takes longer to melt.

Fill each tin with the mixed solution and allow to cool and set. You can use a syringe to transfer the mixture or if you have a steady hand a spoon works well.

Diy Lip Balm

To decorate I used my Cricut Explore to cut out white vinyl snowflakes. Measure the diameter of your lid and adjust the snowflake size to suit.

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