Easy DIY Garlands You Can Make For Your Home

One of the things I love about DIY Garlands is that they instantly transform a little corner of your room. You can drape them over a door, along a wall, across a ceiling, down a table, over a fireplace … I’ve even used a weeny one as a necklace!

They’re versatility is quite amazing and they can be as easy or complicated as you want. The perfect craft for any one and any age to make.


Whether it’s seasonal garland, a party garland or a ‘just because’ garland (great for adding a pop of colour) there’s sure to be a garland out there that’s perfect for you.


This beautiful Autumnal garland by Life Over C’s will definately add some seasonal warmth to your door.


Keeping with the party theme Homey Oh My  has an adorable garland gift wrap tutorial on her blog


I love this cute balloon party garland by Sugar Aunts. So many possibilities … I’d be putting in little sweets!


Moms And Crafters adds a beautiful splash of colour to her wall with this beaded rainbow garland.


RedTedArt had an Autumnal newspaper leaf garland. A great project for kids plus it could be changed through the seasons.


This super cute Autumn bunting by Hattifant can be downloaded in colour or black and white so you can colour it in.


Garlands ca be very inexpensive  as Swoodson Says shows us with this natural leaf garland.


And Mini Eco shows us how to make a fabulous garland out of paper scraps.


You can make a garland out of pretty much anything. How about this fun pasta Garland by Agus Yornet?


Or maybe this adorable straw and silver bell garland by Hearth and Made


Add a touch of sparkly glamour to your Halloween decorations with my feather and felt halloween garland


Or how about this cute little Pom Pom Pumpkin Garland by The Mad House?


I just love this baby shower name Garland by Adventure In A Box. It’s totally interactive. Just check out what they did with the ‘Y’


Here’s another lovely personalised name garland by Messy Little Monster


Once Wed has the most adorable bird and Gypsophalia garland tutorial complete with a bird template (look for the link at the bottom of the post within the instructions).


And of course you can’t beat a good old fashioned pipe cleaners heart garland

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