Egg Box Fairy Tale Shoes

These cute Fairy Tale Shoes are made from papier-mache layers over egg box forms (egg cartons) … seriously!

Egg Box Fairy Shoes

They are a bit fiddly so not really suitable for young children although they can have fun decorating pre-made shoes.

The key to making them is selecting the right egg box (egg carton).

You want to get the boxes that have round corners (like the yellow egg box in the photo) and not oval or eye shaped corners (like the brown egg box in the photo).

Egg boxes

Cut the egg box into thirds, and then one of the end thirds in half and the middle section into four pieces like the photo below.

Fairy Tale Shoe Egg Box Cut

Now piece together one of the corners and one of the center points to make your shoe shape, securing and strengthening with papier-mache along the joins first.

Fairy Tale Shoe Papier Mache

The egg box will buckle and go out of shape it too wet so I secure the shape first and let i dry before adding a final layer of papier-mache.

Fairy Tale Egg Box Shoes

For the papier-mache I use very thin strips of newspaper or old telephone directories. I also like to use cellulose adhesive as the glue base but you could use watered down PVA (white glue) or flour and water paste.

They look fantastic left with just the paper print showing but add a lick of paint and some simple embellishments and the fairy magic comes alive.

Egg Box Fairy Shoes Wth Bows

If you add a ribbon loop on the back you can hang them as decorations … watch this space.

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14 Responses to Egg Box Fairy Tale Shoes

  1. These are SUPER CUTE!!!
    Please share with us on Tuesday…? #Pintorials? x

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  3. redrosemummy says:

    Those are so sweet! I think they’d be lovely Christmas tree decorations.

  4. Very sweet 😀 Very Elves & The Shoemaker – perfect for World Book Day 🙂

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  6. these look very cute, and would make lovely decorations!

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  8. These are such a cute idea, would like some for myself! Have pinned and tweeted 🙂 #pintorials

  9. Thanks so much for sharing – I’ll be featuring you tomorrow 😀

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