Felt Paw Print Christmas Decoration Inspired by Splat The Cat

We love all thing cats in this house and my girls have always had at least three hanging around them as pets. They play a big part in the girls lives showing great interest in their food, homework, creative play, clothes … where ever my girls are you’ll find a cat! So it seemed appropriate to come up with this adorable Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration based on one of our most loved cat characters … Splat The Cat.

Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornament

Splat The Cat is an adorable series of books by the talented Rob Scotton (he also wrote the fabulous Russell The Sheep). The illustrations are hilarious and the sentiment beautifully touching as we follow the hilarious Splat and his best friend, Seymor the mouse, as they navigate the trials and tribulations of school and family life.

We have most of the series and they are still pulled out to read even though my girls have now hit double figures

To Make A Felt Paw Print Decoration You Will Need

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You can find the book series here Amazon UK / Amazon US

Red felt
Black felt
Red household twine
Soft toy stuffing
Needle and red thread
Glue (glue gun, PVA/white glue, fabric glue)
Small scissors
Pencil/chalk pencil
circle shape (I used a cookie cutter)
White glitter
Small paintbrush (optional, I like to use one to spread the PVA glue)

How to make a Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration

Cut Two Red circles of equal size out of your felt. I use a soft hb pencil to draw around the cookie cutter.

Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration - materials

Cut out the paw shape. I use a template to get the shape but if you’re confident you could draw straight on to the felt.

If you use felt scraps like I did you can un-crease the felt by dampening it and laying it on a flat tray or plate. Gently stroke over the felt and the creases will disapear. Leave to dry.Cut out the paw shape

Lay you paw shape out on one of the felt circles and carefully glue in place. I used a glue gun for this, which was a bit fiddly, as I wanted to finish it quickly. PVA/white glue is just as good and easier for children to use. It just needs longer drying time.

Felt Paw Print Bauble

Sew your two circles together using the red cotton leaving a gap at the top where the string to hang it from will go.  You can use blanket stitch, running stitch, back stitch. It really doesn’t matter. Leave about a fingers width gap at the top to push the stuffing in … make sure you have enough thread to sew up the hole.

How to Sew a Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornament

How to stuff a Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornament

Before you sew up the hole, cut a length os twine to hang your bauble from and knot the ends together. Insert this into the gap and tuck behind the stuffing. Sew the hole up and the string in place at the same time, continuing with the stitch you used originally. I try and push the needle through the string to help secure it in place.

Make the hanging loop for your Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree decoration

Paint a thin but thick layer of glue on the tips of you black paw marks and gently place face down in your glitter. I do this in stages.

Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration


Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration

Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Decoration

If you need to use the back of your nail to tap the glitter in place as it can push slightly over the edges as it flattens the glue out. Now leave to dry and ten hang on your tree.

Super cute Felt Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornament inspired by Splat The Cat

I’ve joined in again with Mama Miss, and 10 Days of a #KidMadeChristmas series. Go have a look as there are some fantastic handmade Christmas Ornaments to inspire you. Last year I made this Book Of Kisses inspired by one of our favourite books at the time.

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