Cute Felt Valentine Envelopes

I made these cute little Felt Valentine Envelopes as a guest post on RedTedArt a few years ago and they are still one of my favourite valentine crafts. They are perfect little tokens of love filling both the tummy, heart and eyes.

For me Valentines is about small gestures and these fit the bill perfectly.

Sweetheart Valentine Envelopes

To make them you need

  • 4×4″ felt squares.
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread.
  • Heart stickers, confetti or similar.
  • Card.
  • Red ink pad.
  • letter stamps and a finger.
  • Love heart sweets.

How to Make felt valentine envelopes

First cut your felt square in half and fold each of those halves not thirds.

Now open it up and fold it in half again and cut the top third into a triangle. This will form the flap of the envelope.

Blanket stitch up the side of each felt valentine envelope.

Add your heart sticker to the front of each envelope.

Felt valentine gift

Cut your card to size and using your finger, letter stamps and a red ink pad leave a little message. Pop this not your envelope along with one or two Love Heart sweets. Then secretly place in the pocket or bag of your loved one.

These really will brighten up somebodies day!

Valentine love heart envelope

Love Heart Valentines

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