Cute Easter Chick Craft

Easter Chick

This is a relatively quick and easy Easter chick to make using the wonderful Yellow Chenille Cascade (Ribbon/Trim). They are also good for adding to Easter Bonnets and decorations because they are light. 

The Cascade can be tricky to glue to the egg so I would say it is more for older children and adults although younger children can have fin gluing the eyes and beak on.





You will need …

Polystyrene egg, yellow chenille ribbonFelt off cuts, googly eyes, PVA glue

Easter Chick Materials

1. Make a small hole in the end of your egg shape with a small craft stick.

2. Cover the bottom 1/3 of the egg shape with glue and using the stick carefully push the end of the ribbon  into the hole.

Easter Chick Glue

3. Carefully wrap the ribbon around pushing it into the glue as you go. Continue doing this process until the whole of the egg is covered in the Cascade.

Easter Chick Wrap

4. Cup the egg in your hand and gently push/pat the ribbon onto the egg until you are happy that it is all stuck down.

Easter Chick Covered

5. Fold a small piece of orange felt (off cuts are great for this) in half and cut out a beak  shape so that when it opens you have a diamond. Also cut out a smaller triangle for the tongue in a darker orange. Run a line of glue along the center of the felt diamond and glue the tongue in

Easter Chick Felt Mouth

6. Fold the diamond in half and hold it shut for a few seconds until the glue holds the beak in shape.

Easter Chick Mouth

7. Glue the beak and googly eyes onto the chicks body.

You can change how the chick looks changing the shape and size of the beak and the size of the eyes!

Easter Chick Crafts


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5 Responses to Cute Easter Chick Craft

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  2. MiaB says:

    These are so adorable and cute!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday.

  3. Liz Burton says:

    I LOVE your pipecleaner crafts! These are too cute!

  4. Shannon says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup 🙂

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