Garden Butterfly Craft

We have a massive wooden fence that runs around out garden and although I try to pretty to up with plants there’s still a lot of fence on who so I decided to use the wooden fence to our advantage and use it as a board for displaying out gorgeous laminated collage butterflies we’ve been making with the Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 Laminator.

Garden Butterfly Craft

They’re great fun to make, get your kids thinking about symmetry, look beautiful flapping in the wind and are perfect for using up your arts n’ craft scraps.

You Need

Paper butterfly shapes in various sizes,
Craft materials such as fabric scraps, felt, sequins, glitter, patterned paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, wool, ribbon, wash tape etc
Nails/Pins and a possibly a hammer

Using the craft materials decorate the paper butterflies making sure to mirror the pattern on both they are symmetrical.

Garden Butterfly Craft

Garden Butterfly Craft

Garden Butterfly Craft


The body part of the butterfly was added at the end by gluing on a strip of fabric or ribbon. Don’t use anything too thick as it won’t fir through the laminator. This green rope looked fantastic but we had to change it for something flatter.

Butterfly Collage

Carefully place your butterflies in the laminator pouches and seal them carefully through the laminator.

Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 Laminator

Fellowes Laminator

Fellowes A3 Laminator

Fellowes Saturn Si A3 Laminator

Cut around the out line of the butterflies leaving about a 1cm margin.Fold them in half and press firmly along the crease with the back of your nail. Attach them to your fence with a small panel pin and watch them flutter in the wind.

Butterfly Craft

Butterfly Craft

Felt Butterfly Craft

For more laminator project ideas pop over to the Fellowes Idea Centre


Fellowes kindly gave me the laminator to have a play with and I’m so glad they did. I absolutely love this craft and my girls now have planned to make a series of seasonal butterfly panels throughout the year … how wonderful is that?!

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17 Responses to Garden Butterfly Craft

  1. What a brilliant idea! It looks gorgeous!

  2. Jen Walshaw says:

    I love these. I never think to laminate the boys art projects

  3. Michelle says:

    Aww, these are fab! I love that you’ve laminated them so that they are protected from the elements!

  4. sam fernley says:

    Super idea! We have a fence that needs some jazzing up so I have a great idea now.

  5. Erica Price says:

    These look fun. We don’t have much fence, but the bits we do have are right by the house and could do with cheering up.

  6. You’ve really brightened that fence up!! Great craft project:-)

  7. emily harvey says:

    They look amazing, you have inspired me to brighten up my fence!xx

  8. Lovely craft and great excuse to get the laminator out too

  9. Erika says:

    What a great idea and such a lovely activity to do with the kids.

  10. lisa prince says:

    aw thats such a cute idea , i never thought t use our laminator like this

  11. Rachel says:

    This is such a cute idea and they look so bright and colourful too x

  12. What a fun idea and so pretty too!

  13. oana79 says:

    Anthea, what a brilliant idea, your fence looks wonderful with the new,brightly coloured butterflies!xx

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  15. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh wow those look amazing – what a lovely colourful way to decorate your garden,

  16. Kara says:

    these look stunning – i would love to decorate the garden with these and a great rainy day activity

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