Kids Art Keepsake

My girls are constantly drawing little images and leaving notes as they practice their drawing and writing skills. I find them in my bag, under my pillow, on the floor, stuffed in their desk. They are so cute I wanted to have a way of storing them and having them on display.


My solution was to transfer the images on to glass jars and vases to create a Kids Art Keepsake that would not only incorporate their artwork but that could also be used to store all their little doodles and notes.

You will need …

A glass jar/vase, tracing paper (baking paper/grease proof paper also works), glass paint, artificial lead out liner and fine paint brushes.

1. Choose an image that has strong simple clean lines and that will fit on the glass vessel you have. Using tracing paper (I used grease proof paper) copy the image.

Glass Paint Tracing

2. Trim the copied image and stick it on the inside of the glass vessel.

Glass Paint stencil

3. Use an artificial lead liner (you can also get gold liners) to draw the outline. This takes a bit of practice to use and it similar to piping icing. You can use a fine damp paintbrush to move the lead liner and carefully clean up any splodges. make sure you carefully pat the lead liner down so it seals tight to the glass. Again use a lightly damp paint brush to do this.

Glass Paint leading Glass Paint leading

4. Now use glass paint to flood the area inside the lead outliner.

Glass Paint Painting

Glass paint will run so lay your glassware flat to dry. With round jars and vases you will need to work in segments and allow them to dry to stop the paint running. I place mine on top of a radiator. You can build up the layers if you want a denser colour.

They make lovely gifts and as well as great keep sake jars for the little notes.

painted memory Jars

This craft was part of another fab hangout with some other crafty bloggers. For more ideas on keepsake crafts to make out of your children’s art work look at the video and links below.


With thanks to 

Red Ted Art – Paper Baubles, Playful learners – Artwork Bunting, Plus 2.4 – Pillow case Art work, Kids Chaos – Artwork Soft Toy, The imagination Tree – Initial Art, Fairy and Frog – Greeting Cardsthe Crafty Kitty – Fabric Prints

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12 Responses to Kids Art Keepsake

  1. That’s a really lovely way to store their pictures forever in a way you can see them! I have hundreds in drawers and filed away and I rarely look at them 🙂

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  3. sula1968 says:

    What a lovely idea, I will try it. Also have a kids birthday party coming up and this gives me the idea to buy the child glass painting materials.

  4. mummyoftwo2 says:

    What a great idea! Nice to turn all those little doodles into something so nice and useful!

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  8. says:

    Thank for posting this with me.

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  10. deanne says:

    This is fabulous! I have always felt horrible for having to stow away so much cute art. Thank you for this.

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