Gorgeous Glittery Helicopter (Sycamore) Seed Christmas Tree Decorations

Having seen how wonderful helicopter (Sycamore) seeds look when painted I just had to get the glitter out and make some beautiful helicopter seed decorations for my Christmas tree.


I couldn’t have imagined a better pairing. The sycamore seeds look simply stunning against the lush green of a real Christmas tree. The nobbly seed fruit mirrors the knobbly end of the tree branches and picks out the branch veining whilst the glitter catches your eye against the backdrop of lush green pines.

All you need are some dried out seeds, strong PVA glue (tacky white glue), fine glitter (don’t use super fine as you want some texture to show) and green cotton.

Glittery Sycamore Seeds

Paint both sides of each seed wing with a good coat of glue and then sprinkle your chosen coloured glitter over them and set to one side to dry.

Red Glitter Sycamore Seeds

I like to use baking paper to collect the glitter on as it’s less static and easier to pour the glitter back into the pot after use. Use a different piece of paper for each glitter colour.

Glittery Helicopter Seeds

When the glue has dried cut lengths of green cotton to make hanging loops with. attach them to the seed fruit with a blob of glue. You’ll find that one side of the fruit has a more defined groove than the other which is perfect for laying the cotton in. I add the glue first and then gently sink the cotton through it using a cocktail stick.

Glitter Helicopter Seeds Christmas Decorations

Wait until the glue has dried clear before hanging them on the tree.



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25 Responses to Gorgeous Glittery Helicopter (Sycamore) Seed Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. What a fun idea. They look beautiful!

  2. Wow This is beautiful 🙂 They look like wings! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! I had not even thought about using these as decorations but they look stunning! Will have to go and hunt for some and get making! Thanks! 🙂 x

  4. Ali says:

    oh goodness Anthea, they are beautiful!

  5. Such a beautiful ornament! Love this idea!

  6. Oh, lovely! Like little angel wings <3

  7. Sonya Cisco says:

    SO MUCH PRETTY! Love those!

  8. LauraCYMFT says:

    These look really pretty!

  9. Pinkoddy says:

    What an amazing idea – they are SO pretty and what a lovely craft activity too.

  10. Rachel says:

    What a really lovely idea, so much fun to do too x

  11. Jen Walshaw says:

    I adore these, I really do. You are so clever. I now need to collect helicopters next Autumn

  12. I love these – we have two Sycamore trees in the garden and I never know what to do with them!

  13. Adore these: natural beauty + glitter, what more could one ask for?!

  14. I’m kicking myself. Emmy collected some of these and I threw them away.
    So pretty

  15. ninjacat says:

    What a simple yet effective idea

  16. That’s such a fun and beautiful idea! And it’s simple and inexpensive too!

  17. Sarah Bailey says:

    Ohh they are so pretty <3 what a lovely simple but so affective idea. x

  18. Kara says:

    These look amazing

  19. How utterly beautiful! And so simple even for little ones to make.

  20. What a simple but brilliant idea. I’ve never thought about using sycamore seeds as decorations. Thanks for the tip!

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  22. Globalmouse says:

    Oh I love these, what a brilliant idea! Very inspired!

  23. Laura says:

    What a nice Christmassy craft. They look great on your tree.

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