Use This Ghoul Face Paint To transform Your kids Halloween Costume

Totally transform your kids halloween costume from super cute to super spooky with this simple Ghoul Halloween face paint.

One of my favourite is Ghoul Facepaint as it’s pretty easy to do, you don’t have to be exact and it works with most costumes including every day clothes!

Ghoul Make Up

The key face paint colours are black and white. If you do bring in another colour blend it in around the eyes area only and pick a colour from the costume itself. Ra’s costume had a hint of blue in it so I added that to the eye blend area which worked really well.

To Create This Ghoul Halloween Face Paint You Will Need

For this makeup I have some sponges, face paint (black, white and blue), some fine good quality paint brushes, a cup of water for the paintbrushes and two bowls of water for the sponges, a hair band to keep the hair off the face and some kitchen towel.

Halloween facepaint ideas

Start with the white faceprint and dab gently all over the face. The trick with this is to not make your sponge to wet as you want a nice thick layer. I do a first cover, let it dry and then apply the second. I also do a light white wash over any bare arms, neck, shoulders or chest area.

Keep siblings out of the room. They are a massive distraction and have a habit of winding up the child who’s with you!

White faceprint

Next apply the dark colour on to the eye lid and a lighter shade of it around the upper eyelid and underneath the eye using your finger tip. I mixed some blue and black together to create my colour.

Halloween ghoul face paint

Don’t worry about being perfect, once you start blending it all comes together. The hardest part is getting the eyes to look a similar colour.

Halloween ghoul face paint

Once the main colour is in place it’s just a case of gently blending using a mix of water and colour. I add white to the edges and dab away. It’s a bit like painting. Practice on your hand before hand you can completely change the sales by dabbing a little white or black.

Use your the back of your hand as a paint palette to blend the colours.

Halloween facepaint

Once you’ve done the eyes, pick up a paintbrush and draw a large smile line from one side of the face to the other. Don’t make the paint brush too wet and use a good quality brush with a nice firm bend to the hairs. Fill in the lips and ad some vertical lines. Don’t be overly precious about the lines. With kids speed is important as they like to move!

Ghoul Makeup

And there you have it.


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  1. Mrs. Annette says:

    This was a little lift of fun after walking into malls with Halloween costumes and make up. Makes creating your own character more of an option. atk

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