Heart Pebbles, Heart Stones And Love Rocks … Lets Spread Some #SLove

February ‘the month of love‘ is upon us and I’ve decided to spread a little love and happiness around me by making some Heart Pebbles, Heart Stones and Love Rocks to leave in random places for strangers to find, keep or even pass on to others.


I grabbed a pile of pebbles off the beach and painted hearts on the front and #SLove (short for Stone Love) on the back using some acrylic paint. You could also use house hold gloss, enamel paint, sharpie pens even nail varnish.

Heart Pebbles

The idea is to leave them on trains, by benches, in restaurants, in car parks, shops … everywhere and anywhere throughout the whole of February. I have a couple of friends who work as Air Stewards so I’m hoping a few may even make it further afield.

It would be wonderful if you joined in and helped spread the #SLove. If you don’t have any pebbles, stones or rocks handy you can make some out of salt dough, clay or even needle felt some.

Slove Stones

Lets get together and make February a month of Global Love.

Oh and if you find any do take a photo and share your #SLove find.

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28 Responses to Heart Pebbles, Heart Stones And Love Rocks … Lets Spread Some #SLove

  1. Globalmouse says:

    I love all those painted hearts. I have so many pebbles collected from various beaches, this would be a great activity to do with them.

  2. These are so cute and a lovely idea! I think it would make my day to come across one of these on an outing x

  3. What a lovely idea, they look so cute and my girls would love to do this! x

  4. Sam Thurley says:

    So lovely and so striking, We are off to Devon this year where they have the best pebbles so i think i might be sneaking a few home to have a go at this xx

  5. What a lovely idea, I wonder where they will end up, how exciting

  6. Mina Joshi says:

    Such a wonderful idea. I will bear this mind as I go walking down by the riverside.

  7. What a fun idea. I hope you get lots of pictures as to where these hearts ended up. It would be wonderful if they traveled long distances or brightened someone’s day locally.

  8. Emily Knight says:

    What a lovely idea! We’re off to the coast next month so will definitely stock up on pebbles and get involved! x

  9. Mummy of Two says:

    Cute idea – your pebbles look great!

  10. I love this idea. I think that I will be spreading some “slove”.

  11. They are so gorgeous! What a lovely idea x

  12. I LOVE this! Can’t wait to make some with my kiddos! Pinning!

  13. Wow, this is such a gorgeous idea! I know my girl would love to find one 🙂 am sure we can add to the pile!

  14. Shell Louise says:

    LOVE this idea and my girls will too when I show them tomorrow. They’ll be out in the garden finding suitable stones 🙂

  15. What a clever idea!!! I love this. Next time we head down to the beach I’m going to give this a try. Need to go to the local craft shop too to pick up some paint.
    Hayden would love this!

    Thanks for sharing lovely.
    Charlotte x

  16. lisa prince says:

    this is an adorable idea , my daughter collects her (what she calls) her special stones from the beach each time we go and stores them in jars in her bedroom , x

  17. Michelle says:

    Such a lovely idea! xxx

  18. What a lovely idea – it will be interesting to see where they end up

  19. ninja cat says:

    what an amazing idea and very sweet , the world needs more love

  20. otilia says:

    they look really cute and i always wanted to make them with my girls!

  21. Kara says:

    My mum still uses the painted pebbles I made as a child

  22. What a fab idea! So simple but would really be nice to find one x

  23. What a lovely idea.
    I think I’ll get the kids painting and hiding some.

  24. what a lovely idea! I used to love painting stones as a child! x

  25. Natalie Brown says:

    This is such a cute & fun idea. I just love it. I like that’s it’s simple and passes along some love. 🙂

  26. Nikolina says:

    What a lovely idea!!! I support all love-sharing actions! 🙂

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