Helicopter Seed Craft – Wall Decoration

The simple yet beautiful  helicopter seed, also known as sycamore seed.

A great nature toy for generations of children, wonderfully tactile to touch, beautiful to look at and rather lovely to craft with.

 Helicopter Seed Craft

 Apply a thin coat of metallic pearl paint to highlight the wing texture of each helicopter seed, leaving the richer seed head untouched.

Silver Helicopter Seeds

The seeds can then be carefully glued to a pale cotton thread and attached to a stick to hang on the wall.

Helicopter Seed Craft Thread

Use strong PVA (tacky) glue which will dry clear.

Sycamore Seed Craft

Add a loop of garden twine and your decoration is finished.

Helicopter Seed Wall Decor



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20 Responses to Helicopter Seed Craft – Wall Decoration

  1. Karen says:

    They look lovely, and so easy, we rarely get many of these as my boy like to actually make them be helicopters,so I end up spending more time chasing after them!!

  2. This is so effective, love that nature provides us with the tools for art.

    Fabulous photography,you must have a top notch camera.


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  4. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh what a clever idea, and it looks so good.

  5. Love this – great idea, looks really different.

  6. How very clever. Love this

    We don’t seem to have any around here

  7. ninja says:

    what a beautiful craft x

  8. Sonya Cisco says:

    Such pretty seeds, the wall decoration looks lovely.

  9. Kara says:

    Not sure I could persuade mine to craft with these as they have too much fun launching them into the air

  10. Shell Louise says:

    We used to collect loads of these when I was younger. We just loved watching them float down when you threw them up.
    That’s a great craft and brings autumn inside 🙂

  11. What a beautiful idea, I love it.

  12. What a lovely craft idea! We went on the hunt for these just the other day. We didn’t find any, though, so we must go looking again.

  13. We have so many of these trees in my neighborhood, it looks like it’s snowing for several days during the spring each year!

  14. How very pretty, I love creative things using natural materials like this 🙂


  15. wendy says:

    What a really good idea

  16. Stephanie says:

    Oh wow what a cute idea, very creative and it looks great!

  17. Jen says:

    what a fab idea, I just love this! #loveyourhome

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