Craft Stick Picture Frames

Lolly stick / Craft stick picture frames are brilliant. They’re relatively cheap (depending on what you decorate them with), easy to do, versatile, great for children of all ages and most importantly they look good hung on the wall.  They are also great to give to friends and family as small gifts and a brilliant craft to make when you host a ‘play date’.

What You Need 

  • 4  lolly sticks – large or small coloured or plain (you can easily paint plain ones just do it before you glue them together)
  • Decorations -pom poms, sequins, shells, leaves, paper, butterflies, pasta  pretty much anything you can thing of (glitter looks wonderful but I’ll blog that in a separate post as so many people are scared of glitter and the mess but there are ways of containing it with children if you set up properly(.
  • PVA (white) Glue
  • Ribbon

1. Take two lolly sticks and make a train track. Put a blob of glue at the end of each train track and glue the other two lolly sticks on top to make a square.

lolly frame 2

lolly frame 3

2. Place your decorations around your frame before you glue them in place. This way you can play with colours, shapes etc. When your happy then glue them down.

lolly frame 4

lolly frame 5

3. RoRo wanted to use some glitter glue on hers.

lolly frame 6

4. Leave to dry

lolly frame 7

5. When dry glue a piece of ribbon on the back.

lolly frame 8

6. Voila! Some rather cool looking picture frame that make gorgeous gifts.

All Frames

For some more great ideas have on what to make with Lolly sticks check our gorgeous Lolly Stick Picture Easels.

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7 Responses to Craft Stick Picture Frames

  1. sula1968 says:

    lovely idea!

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  3. Fab! We have a stupid amount of pom poms to use so these will make great pressies for Christmas.

  4. Debs says:

    Thanks for linking this to Tuesday Tots. They are just lovely and would perfect for a gift for dad. I’ve featured it this week 🙂

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  7. virgie jb says:

    easy, fun and cute, thankyou! I’ll use this for our craft activity related to Community Helpers – Carpenter 🙂

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