How To MAke A Simple Twig Craft Wall Decoration

This week we joined in a Google+ Hangout organised by Red Ted Art to talk about stick and twig craft. There were some fantastic craft ideas (see the bottom of the page for the video and links to other craft blogs) and the following Twig Craft Wall Decoration was our offering, which I think would make a wonderful Mother’s Day present.

Twig Wall Flower Zoom

To make it you will need …

Some twigs (ours were wind fall of an Oak tree), a ball of modeling material ( I used ModelAir but you could use salt dough, play dough or clay) and some felt off cuts.

Twig Wall Flower Materials

1. Take a small piece of your modeling material, roll it in to a ball and squash it down into a dome shape. Take your twigs and stick them around the edge of the dome.

Wall Flower Twigs Detail

2. Make some small felt flowers from off cuts and glue them around the edge of the dome to cover up the area where the twigs enter the modelling material and leave to dry.

Twig Wall Flower

3. Carefully attach some natural twine to the back and hang on the wall.

Twig Wall Flower hung

Do have a look at the video below where you will find loads of other amazing craft ideas to do with sticks.

With Thanks To

Red Ted Art – Stick People

Kids Chaos – Shadow Puppet

Zing Zing Tree – Twig Wall Flower

Domestic Godesque – Stick and Pom Pom Puppets

Me And My Shadow – Rustic Heart Wreath

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14 Responses to How To MAke A Simple Twig Craft Wall Decoration

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  3. lynn says:

    I just found you on Taming the Goblin. Your twig wall flower is great! I think I will make one for our nature table, and if yo don’t mind, I will blog about it and link up back to you.

  4. I have a feeling mine would look nothing like that, but could be fun to try!

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  6. I love your shades of red and blue! Lovely!

  7. Sarah says:

    This is so cute and unique! I love it!

  8. chelle says:

    Very neat!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday.

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  11. Ali says:

    these are beautiful x

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  13. How pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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