Jubilee ‘Crown’ T-Shirt

How about this for a cool ‘Crown’ T-shirt to make for yourself or the kids. I’ve made it to wear over the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend but it could be worn for any occasion and the design is very unisex.

Crown tee 5 small

All you need is a plain white t-shirt, a crown template, a black fabric pen and some fabric paints (red, gold, pearl blue, white).

I buy my T-shirts from the supermarkets school uniform section where they are about £2.50 for two. The Jubilee ‘crown’ template I found using Google was on an educational resource site called ‘Instant Display’ but you could easily design your own.

1. Print off the ‘crown’ template and slide it under the T-shirt. You can then use this as a guide when applying the paint.

Crown tee 1 small

Crown tee 2 small

2. Starting towards the top of the image start to paint in the blocks of colour. Think about where your hand is going to rest and be careful not to touch any wet paint as you may end up accidentally marking other areas of the t-shirt. Try and allow paint of a different colour to dry before painting next to it with your new colour as the paint can bleed.

Crown tee 3 small

3. When you have finished painting leave to dry. Then carefully draw around the edges with a black fabric pen.

Crown tee 4 small

4. When finished place an old clean piece of cotton material over the image and iron for at least 5 minutes (use cotton setting). Make sure it’s an old piece of material as the fabric paint will mark/stain it. This is important – If you don’t do this stage the fabric paint will wash out!

5. Make sure you wash the t-shirt in cold water to preserve the image for as long as possible. I washed this T-shirt by hand in cold water and the red still bled little.  The rest of the fabric paint stayed true.

Crown tee 6 small

I like the result. The red has got a nice washed shabby chic feel about it and adds even more ‘cool’ to the t-shirt.

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10 Responses to Jubilee ‘Crown’ T-Shirt

  1. Cool! I keep meaning to make some more t-shirts, I used to fabric paint them a lot a few a years ago – nice idea!

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  3. pinkoddy says:

    I love this idea. I’m going to do something similar-ish but it involves no paint lol.

  4. That is so effective! truly brilliant. Thanks for sharing on fun Sparks

  5. sula1968 says:

    Lovely idea!! I may well use the basic idea for a kids party this week. I want them to make something nice to take home.

  6. sula1968 says:

    Thank you again for this blog, I used the idea for my son’s 5th birthday party today. I printed basic colouring pages and used them. The kids had so much fun doing it and the parents were very impressed. So much nicer for them to take home than a party pack of junk

    • Fab, so glad it went well 🙂 it’s such an easy and fun way to make tshirts. Using a paintbrush and splitting the paint on the front and back looks good as well and is easy for younger kids xxx

  7. You can also use acrylic paint, which does not wash out like the red did.

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