An Easy Upcycled Milk Carton Gift Your Friends Will Love

I love this Milk Carton (tetra pack) Craft. We give them as Teachers Gifts every year but also use them at home to hold all kinds of stationery and craft items.

Milk Carton Pen Pot Craft

Because they’re water proof (they hold liquid after all) it makes them perfect for storing items that might leak such as pens and felt tips plus you can tailor make them to suit any interior.

Milk Carton Pen Pot

You Will Need

Milk carton, patterned paper to cover, glue (glue stick preferable but pva glue will work), craft knife/scissors, ruler, pen

1.) Measure and cut your milk carton to the desired height (the Avengers pen holder has a height of 115cm). It’s easier to cut it with a craft knife but you can do it with a pair of scissors as well.

Milk Carton craft

2) Cut out a piece of patterned paper that will wrap around the carton and over lap by about an inch and also add 1-2 inches to the top so that you can fold it over and glue to the inside and create a neat finish. Take care to look at how you want the pattern to sit on the carton.

Milk Carton Craft

3) Take your time gluing the first side in place making sure the pattern and paper edges are properly aligned. Add the glue to the carton and not the paper. Do each side one at a time. If  you use liquid glue spread it very thin and evenly to minimise any creases. The paper will ripple a little as it absorbs the moisture and stretches. Most of the ripples will disappear when dry but there will be a little texture left.

Milk Carton craft

4) Carefully cut each corner of the over hanging paper and wrap it over and glue in place.

Tetra pack Craft

And there you have it. One rather cool storage/pen pot waiting to be filled.

Teatro Pack Storage Craft


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22 Responses to An Easy Upcycled Milk Carton Gift Your Friends Will Love

  1. Julie Easby says:

    Fab & Fun Idea , I Be Making A Few Of These x

  2. Mrs. Annette says:

    Wish I could find milk carton;s, we have plastic milk jugs. Great idea for kids at lower school. atk

  3. Very effective and useful too. Brilliant for school age kids. Wonder if my son will make one for his halls at uni 😉

  4. Jen Walshaw says:

    Love, love, love these. They are ace and I will be making with the boys

  5. What a fantastic creative and low cost teacher’s gift idea! Fab.

  6. Erika says:

    I love this idea, so much fun and also practical. Big fan of the comic book paper too!

  7. Sonia says:

    Oh this looks amazing, I think I will get the kids making them next week when they are on their holidays.

  8. That’s a great idea, especially as they’re waterproof, very creative.

  9. Very fancy pen pots, love them! Much better than the Pringles pot we have 😉

  10. Charly Dove says:

    Just had a huge flashback from my Blue Peter watching days (a long time ago!). What a brilliant idea, looks awesome – must make one of these for POD. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  11. Kizzy says:

    What a fab idea and I especially like your owl one.

  12. This looks like a fab wet weather activity for the Summer Holidays!

  13. These are beautiful and look so versatile, Very useful.

  14. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a great idea and they look so nice, perfect for my colouring pencils 😉 x

  15. Kara says:

    This is a brilliant idea – cannot leave pens on display at the moment with young Sebby around but cannot wait until its safe and can do things like this

  16. sam fernley says:

    Very crafty and I like the comic book theme.

  17. Helen Gandy says:

    They look great!! I’d like to make some with my little boy, I think he’s really like a Thomas and Friends one 🙂 x

  18. Ninjacat says:

    what a superb idea , ideal I think for teacher gifts as well

  19. This is fab and so easy! It’ll keep the kids occupied for a while, think we’ll give this a go

  20. Ickle Pickle says:

    What a great idea – I think I will get my teens making some! Love the Marvel (is it Marvel?) paper too 😉 Kaz x

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