A Super Simple, Quick Mono Print Christmas Tree Card

You know how it is.

Your rushing around like a looney trying to get everything sorted for Christmas and then you remember you promised your kiddo you’d make some christmas cards with them. Don’t panic!

This Mono Print Christmas Tree Card is super easy, super and looks amazing when it’s finished.

Super quick Mono print Christmas Tree card

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To Make the Mono Print Christmas Tree Card You Will Need

  • Red card
  • Gold stars
  • A small amount of white paint
  • An old liquid medicine syringe dispenser that has a doughnut shaped end
  • A glue stick
  • Optional: fine gold, white, or clear glitter

Mono Print Christmas Tree Christmas Card

Dip the end of the dispensing syringe into the white paint making sure the whole surface has a thin layer of paint covering it. Also check that a bubble hasn’t formed in the middle of the doughnut and blow gently to pop it if it has. You want a row of five rings on the bottom of the tree so start with the first ring in the middle of that line and work outwards.

Mono Print Christmas Tree Christmas Card

Build your ring layer up (if you a have an older child you could talk about triangle numbers and bring some maths into it)until you get your christmas tree shape.

Super quick Mono print Christmas Tree card

Using the rim of the dispensing syringe roll five small lines to make the bucket that the christmas tree sits in.

Super quick Mono print Christmas Tree card

Finally use a glue stick to attach a shiny gold star to the top … all done!

If you want to add some sparkle sprinkle glitter on the paint before it dries. I used fine gold glitter on the striped tree pot and very fine white sugar glitter over some of the rings. Don’t use loads as it’s nice to see the white paint show through as well. The fine white  sugar glitter looks gorgeous (hard to show in the photo) but definitely adds a touch of Christmas magic!

Gorgeous white mono print Christmas Tree Card

Super Simple and Super quick mono print Christmas Tree Christmas Cards

This Christmas Tree Card is part of  Kid-Made Christmas Cards project run by The Mad House. You’ll find a whole month full of fabulous christmas cards. The previous post to mine are some gorgeous footprint cards by Beauties And The Bibs.

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26 Responses to A Super Simple, Quick Mono Print Christmas Tree Card

  1. LaaLaa says:

    That is definitely super easy and still pretty, could sprinkle glitter over the paint before it dries too x

  2. Miracle Max says:

    They look better than a lot of shop bought cards. Great job. Jo x

  3. This is fab – great design and very creative!

  4. Yaya says:

    This is such a cute little idea and I know my kiddos will love making these cards.

  5. I love how easy it is to replicate this card and it is the perfect festive card to celebrate Christmas.

  6. Such a clever idea!! I wanna try it with my son. x

  7. Planet Jodie says:

    Wow this looks so creative and fun to make! I’m currently still using Xmas cards from last year and think I will still have plenty. Think this is a good way to be creative though x

  8. Oh wow, didn’t realise it’s actually that simple! And I love the idea of glitter on top!

  9. These are really cute cards, I love receiving DIY bits x

  10. What a great idea, I have loads of those medicine dispensers at home I might try this with the mini ones 😉

  11. This is a really great idea!! Would never have thought of using a medicine syringe to make crafts with

  12. My son will LOVE this. Thank you – saving for us to do next weekend!

  13. Rachel says:

    Well this might be super quick but it looks really really good!

  14. Leah LS says:

    I love how easy this is and yet so effective. If it were me I would be using bit’s of cotton balls as snow more most things, mainly as I am not very creative!

  15. Oh wow I love this – I’ll definitely do this with my boys!

  16. Aw this looks so cute and relatively easy to create 🙂 xxx

  17. Elizabeth says:

    What a great idea, and as parents we all have loads of those syringes lurking about don’t we! 🙂

  18. I love how simple yet effective this is! A great project to do with children over the seasonal period too! x

  19. Jessica McDonnell says:

    Those Christmas cards look lovely, I love receiving hand made things.

  20. Jemma says:

    I can’t believe how simple this is to make. It looks awesome!

  21. stephanie says:

    What a great idea! The cards look lovely x

  22. Anosa says:

    How cute and super easy is this, I want one to try wiht my nephew for sure.

  23. Kira says:

    I’ve been making some christmas cards recently! These are such a great idea! I’d love to try them!

  24. I love this idea! I hate the mess paint usually brings but this looks so easy for the kids to manage.

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