Native American Small World Play

This rather wonderful Native American Small World Play set was part of my eldests home work this week.  This term her class have been studying a bit of American history centered around Native Americans and the Pioneers.

She’s was very taken with the Native American culture they touched on and wanted to make a diorama which then turned into this rather wonderful small world play set. Sadly she didn’t have time to decorate the tipi’s but they look cool ‘aunaturel‘ and as soon as teacher lets her bring it back home she can have fun decorating them.


Chief-Rainbow-Feathers Chief-Rainbow-Feathers-Squaw  
Native-American-fire Native-American-Tipi



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6 Responses to Native American Small World Play

  1. love this – especially the fire! We love Native American culture too. My husband makes Native American style flutes

  2. These models look so nice.Beautifully made.

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  4. Yogamama says:

    Cute, unfortunately inaccurate. The plains people that lived in teepees didn’t make totem poles. The coastal people who made totem poles didn’t live in teepees, they lived in longhouses (also called plankhouses). These iconic symbols are often mashed-up, just thought you’d want to teach your daughter accurate info. It is really well made though!

    • ZingZingTree says:

      Ah, interesting and explains a lot.
      My eldest wasn’t fussed about a totem pole and didn’t talk about them when she was explaining what a Native Americans day was like to us. An over eager Dad got involved with the totem.
      It also makes sense based on their nomadic lifestyle following the Bison … a rather large totem wouldn’t make for light travelling!

  5. I love these, would rather like to play with them myself! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

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