How To Make An Adorable Needle Felt Easter Bunny

This Needle Felt Easter Bunny craft is another simple felting project that uses a cookie cutter shape for a template (you can find my other projects here). It’s a step up from the heart and pebble shapes and will require more sculpting of the wool to keep and define the shape but the skill lever is still suitable for a beginner.

Needle felt bunnies


To Make A Needle Felt Easter Bunny You Need

Roving wool,
A bunny shaped cookie cutter,
An orange and green pipe cleaner.

I’ve recently bought a needle felting pen which makes felting larger less detailed areas much quicker to do. But you can still make this using just one needle.

Needle Felt Bunny Equipment

To start with fill your cookie cutter with roving wool and using your needle pack the wool down evenly turning the cookie cutter over when necessary so you get a nice even shape. Take cake to pack the wool down around all the edges so you get a good firm outline when the wool is removed from the cookie cutter. The wool should compress down so that the cookie cutter is half full.

Push the wool out of the cookie cutter and carefully work around the edge of the shape defining all the creases and rounding the edges. The finished bunny will be a lot smaller than the original cookie cutter.

How to make needle felt bunnies


To make the carrot take a 15cm orange cotton pipe cleaner and curl it around a pointed shape such as a pencil to form a carrot. Trim it back if necessary. Attach a piece of ribbon to the pipe cleaner and tie it around the bunnies neck. Finally, bend a small piece of green pipe cleaner in half and glue it into the top of the carrot.

How to make pipe cleaner carrots

The needle felt bunny make the cutest gift. You could attach them to presents for Easter, leave them lying on pillows over the Easter weekend, give them to kids to keep in their pockets otor attach a broach pin on the back.

Easter Bunny Craft

Needle felt bunny

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How to make adorable needle felt easter bunnies



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  2. Mammasaurus says:

    Oh I love these! So very cute x

  3. They are very sweet, a perfect little Easter decoration.

  4. These are very cute, I can see I will be hunting for more cookie cutters!

  5. Kel says:

    Oh my word, they are absolutely adorable!

  6. Wow these look great. I love anything like this x

  7. My daughter would love this, think this is something we might have to attempt.

  8. What a unique craft. I’ve never seen this before. Your bunnies turned out so cute!

  9. I love these, looks like such a calming activity too! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday a Tutorials #pintorials

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  14. Cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  15. Shannon says:

    These are cute! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup 🙂

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