Gift Your Love In A Cute Needle Felt Pebble Heart

Instead of giving a pebble found on the beach as a token of love for valentines day how about giving a Needle Felt Pebble Heart to the one you love.

Valentine Pebble Hearts


Take a nice sized lump of roving wool in a natural pebble colour ( I like earth browns and greys). Roll the wool up into the kind of shape you want your pebble to be and then start binding the fibres together and shape the felt using your felting needle until the wool has compacted down in to a tight pebble shape.

How to Make Needle Felt Pebbles

Next take a small piece of red roving wool and use a fine felting needle to attach the bottom ‘v’ of the heart and the top ‘cleavage’ part of the heart. Once those areas are secure start shaping one side of the heart and then the other. You should not be able to pull any of the felt off when it’s finished

How to Make Needle Felt Pebbles 2

The felt pebble makes a gorgeous Love Token just as it is but you could also needle felt a date into the back.

Needle Felt Pebble Love Tokens

Needle Felt Pebble Love Token Dates

You could even make a set of three different sized pebbles.

Needle Felt Pebble Love Tokens set of three

Needle Felt Pebble Love Tokens set of three back

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15 Responses to Gift Your Love In A Cute Needle Felt Pebble Heart

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  2. HELEN says:

    these are so cute…I have absolutely no idea how to do felting but these look great!

  3. I actually still don’t see how this works. I need to try it myself because it looks amazing 🙂

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  5. WOW! I have never felted like this, so I am so impressed and your hearts and numbers in those “stones” these would be lovely in a little bowl for decor… cute! Thanks so much for linking up to create link inspire party!! You are featured today in my valentines craft round up. I just spread the word all over my social media and tagged you where I could… feel free to share, re-tweet or spread the love however you want… thanks! Come on over and check out your feature. Emily@nap-timecreations

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  7. What a cute idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  8. These look fantastic! Thanks for linking up at #Pintorials 🙂

  9. I’m thrilled to feature you on #CreateMakeShare – it’s such a great craft. Thanks for linking up.

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