Norman The Slug Costume World Book Day Costume

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell has been a firm favourite in this house for a few years. Written by Sue Hendra this fun story line (Norman wants to more than just an ordinary slug) and wonderful bright graphics make this a gorgeous book to read.

Norman The Slug World Book Day Costume

So when it came to book week and one of my daughters asked to be Norman I embraced the challenge. Orange/pink clothes and a few home-made accessories worked wonders.

How to Make The Norman The Slug Doughnut

You need a large sheet of card board (I used the remains of some flat pack packaging we had) and some polystyrene/Styrofoam blocks (again I took a long rectangular piece pf packaging and snapped it into square shapes. Some brown & pink tissue paper, cellulose adhesive and bright coloured pipe cleaners.

Cut out a two large doughnut shapes and glue the polystyrene/Styrofoam blocks around the inside and outside edge of one of the cardboard shapes. When they have dried glue the other shape on top.

How to make a Norman The slug Doughnut shell

Papier-mache the brown tissue paper (you could use brown parcel paper or brown paper bags) around the outside edge to cover the gap. You want this to overlap about a quarter of the way down the side of the doughnut. Use the pink tissue paper to papier-mache the inside gap and bring that up over the doughnut to form the icing.

Norman The Slug Doughnut

Cut some bright coloured pipe cleaners into small pieces and glue them on both sides to make the sprinkles.

How To Make A Norman The Slug Head Dress

We used pearl orange face paint to colour the face. Measure around the head and cut a strip of card about 1-2 inches wide with a couple of triangular points towards the center. Paint the card orange and glue on 2 large paper ovals for the eyes. Add Black circles for the pupils.

Norman The Slug Head

To attach the doughnut we used a wide belt around the middle and tied some orange tulle up and over the shoulders and wrapped it around the front of the belt.

Norman The Slug

Norman The Slug Costume For World Book Day


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  1. knittymummy says:

    Genius! How long did she manage to keep it on for? It looks a tad inconvienient for sitting down!

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