Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops

Here are some more super cute pipe cleaner spring flowers. This time I’ve made some pipe cleaner snowdrops.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops

For each snowdrop you need 2 white, one green and a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner. As always I like my cotton pipe cleaners to work with but you could use fluffy chenille ones. You will also need some strong tacky white glue (PVA glue).

These flowers were made using 15cm lengths. 30cm lengths can be used but you will need to support the head of the flower as the larger the pipe cleaner the heavier the flower becomes.

1. Bend the 2 white pipe cleaners in half to find the middle and then twist them firmly together so you get four prongs. Each of these prongs will become a petal.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops start

2. Bend over about 1cm of a prong and then continue to fold the pipe cleaner down to the center. You will create an oval shape. Pinch the end gently with each fold to maintain the shape

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops petal

3. when you have created all four petals bend them in to form the flower bell shape. I also bend each individual  petal slightly in the middle to give it a curved shape.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops Petal Shape

4. Take a yellow pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Then bend it in half two more times until you get an even zigzag with 8 pieces. Cut a length of zig zag off and bend in half to make the stamen. Glue this into the middle of your flower head and leave somewhere to dry.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops stamen

5. Bend about 0.5cm (a small bit) of the green pipe cleaner and glue that onto the flower head. The finished flower looks better if you bend the green stem before gluing. Put to one side to dry.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops Stem

A lovely bit of spring to give as a gift or decorate your home.

Pipe Cleaner Snowdrop Spring Flowers

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10 Responses to Pipe Cleaner Snowdrops

  1. Anna says:

    This is amazing! I wish I was better at DIY!! 🙁 Also cute stuff like this would definitely make cleaning more fun ! x

  2. Wow these are amazing, Think I may have to have a go at these. Great job

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  4. These are so sweet, they would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift too!

  5. These are very cute and yet simple a great spring craft or even a gift for Mothers Day, Thanks

  6. Anna says:

    These are really cute 🙂 I may give it a go as we always have so many pipe cleaners hanging around in the craft cupboards!
    Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tutorials

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  9. Emerson says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more details.

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