Shell Craft To Delight Your Little Mermaids And Fairies

This magical sea shell craft is a great way to use up some of the shells collected from your beach travels and will delight your little Mermaids and Fairies.

We head to the beach all year round and always come back with hands full of sea shell booty collected from the shore line. They are such a joy to play with. There’s something quite calming about the clinking and grating sound they make in your hands. And the colours, textures and shapes are soothing on the eye. No wonder children and adults everywhere love having them around.

Sea Shell-Fairy-Cup Craft

They are so easy to make.

You Will Need

Cotton pipe cleaners,  a hot glue gun and some scissors. You can use PVA  (white) glue but you will need to hold the pipe cleaner in place until the glue sets enough to hold.

Optional material  – food colouring

I used natural cotton pipe cleaners as I wanted to compliment the shell colour.  Cut your pipe cleaner into small lengths that will bend around from the top of the shell to the curve of the shell just before it touches your table top. If your unsure cut slightly longer lengths. Glue the top first and then bend the pipe cleaner down and glue it onto the curve of the shell making sure that the pipe cleaner doesn’t interfere with how the shell sits on a flat surface.

Now all you need is a little water and some food colouring and you’re all ready to drink with the mermaids or fairies!

Sea Shell Craft

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