Gold Star Decoration

As Christmas is coming up I decided to make some simple gold stars using ModelAir and love how many different ways I can use them as decorations.

Gold Star Garland

One of my most favourite modelling materials is ModelAir. It’s very versatile and incredibly light weight which means it’s perfect for making decorations.


Working with a nice sized lump knead it and roll it until all the air bubbles and lines have been smoothed out. I find rolling it, folding it over a few times helps to get a nice surface. Make sure the rolling-pin and surface your working on is smooth.

Use a cookie cutter or play dough cutter to cut out your star shapes and leave to dry. You will need to turn them  as they dry as the edges will curl a little as the modelling material dries out. This can be useful depending on what you plan to do with the finished shape.

Star Cookie Cutter

When dry, paint the stars front, edges and back with gold (or silver) paint. I like to use a thick acrylic paint (such as Reeves) as it dries quickly and you only need one coat.

Gold Star Paint

Now you’re ready to make so many things …

Gold Star Hair AccessoryGold Star Present Wrapping Idea

Star Garland

They’re also light enough to attach magnet strips and brooch pins on to.

And if you add ribbon …

Ribbon Twist

You get to play a bit more …

These loop can be used to hang the stars on trees

Gold Star Tree Decoration

Star And Ribbon Hair Accessory

Oh and they change they look of the garland rather nicely as well.
Ribbon Star Garland

I hope these have given you some ideas. They are so easy to make and great for children to help with 🙂

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8 Responses to Gold Star Decoration

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  2. Oooh I love all the different uses of the star – the parcel is so cute as is the hair band. Is it quite durable? Would the star break (as with maybe clay?)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


    • It’s much more durable than clay. It has a thick dense foam like feel to it when it’s dried out. You can snap bits off if you try but dropping it on the floor is unlikely to cause damage unless you’ve got really delicate attachments. xxx

  3. Gorgeous! Love how you used it on the present instead of a bow. Its like getting a double gift!

  4. Home Seasons says:

    Great idea! These are so versatile, we’d stick them on everything!

  5. I would never find the time for these but they do look pretty!

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