The Best Yarn Monster Collection Ever

If your looking for something fun to craft that going to generate loads of smiles and giggles, then you cannot beat a Yarn Monster or two. They are so full of character and silliness that they will brighten up the drabbest of days.

An amazing collection of yarn monster projects. Great for entertaining the kids on playdates and over the holidays

When you discover just how easy they are to make you’ll have them popping up all over your house. Perfect little companions that are great for making as gifts or keeping friends occupied during crafting playdates.

My top  Yarn Monster picks

These little Yarn Monster fellas are one of my most popular blog posts. They still make me chuckle  when I see them around the house.

Fil your day with laughter and giggles making these delightful yarn monsters

This little fella by One Dog Woof is on my list of crochet projects.  His little chomping mouth opens up to reveal a sweet little surprise.


Next up we have some adorable Yarn Monsters for the Valentines Day by This Delightful Life.


I adore the cute yarn monster cupcake picks that Two Shades of Pink has made. Can you imagine the smiles and giggles you’d get giving one of these to a child or an adult! My favourite is the mustard coloured horn beastie at the start!

Yarn Monster Cake Topper

Eighteen25 works some more cuteness with these blue multi-horned Lil Love Monsters. Those google eyes are hilarious!

Blue Yarn Monsters

 These cheeky chappies by Easy Peasy Fun are the perfect stone pet for you little guys and gals to keep safely tucked in their coat pocket when they got to school.

Adorable Rock Yarn Monsters

Handmade Charlotte turns her Yarn Monster into cute little back pack accessories.

Cute Yarn Monster back pack accessories. I know a few kids who would love having these on their rucksacks and school bags

The purple Pug serves up a cute platter of PomPom Yarn Monsters

yarn monster pom pom

And finally … I love how a project gone wrong resulted in these brilliant Yarn Monster bookmarks. Pop over to Seven Alive to find out what they started of as and how to make them.

The cutest spookiest book make ever

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10 Responses to The Best Yarn Monster Collection Ever

  1. Oh these are adorable! And a great way to use up stray bits of yarn.

  2. Ness says:

    I think I’m going to be looking round the house for the odd bits of wool I have!

  3. susanna says:

    These are just TOO CUTE. I can’t knit or crochet but maybe I could try some of the others x

  4. Fozia S says:

    Oh these are too cute! May have to try to make some of these in the holidays!

  5. Sandra says:

    Oh I love these! I’m so tempted to make a load and leave them in the council chamber for a laugh!

  6. Otilia says:

    Oh my god! they are wonderful! Would love to try a couple of models!

  7. Sonia says:

    Oh I love the little pink one with the teeth. he is so cute x

  8. Jen Walshaw says:

    Wow, so may yarn monsters to choose from.

  9. Cass Bailey says:

    They’re all so cute that I can’t even choose a favourite x x

  10. I love the cousin it monsters – how adorable!

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