Night Pirates World Book Day Costume

A large piece of cardboard and some sheets of craft foam are all you need to make this amazing Night Pirates World Book Day Costume. My eldest wore a few years back and amazed her friends with the very large house front and wonky hat.

The Night Pirates World Book Day Costume

This is a fantastic modern day pirate story by Peter Harris (Amazon Link UK, Amazon Link US) about a gang of girl pirates who borrow the front of a house to disguise their pirate ship. They use their disguise to sneak up on some silly grown-up pirates and steal their treasure before heading back two to replace the house front before anyone notices.

As usual it was very very last minute so I took very few pictures.

We decided to focus on one of the pirate girls (they all have very distinctive hats) and the house front they borrow.


The house front was cut out of an enormous piece of cardboard. I just copied the outline from the book. The back of the house has a couple of cardboard loops that my eldest slid her hand through to help carry it around.

Cardboard House

The hat is made from a few sheets of A3 craft foam that I sewed together using standard needle and thread. I used one sheet to make the cone of the hat, one sheet to make the rim around the cone and a third to make the extended curl. As I said I didn’t take photo’s of this so I will try and describe it. I may have the hat in the attic still so will add some photo’s later if I find it.

To Make The Hat

Make the cone first and sew it together. Place the sewn cone in the middle of a foam sheet and draw around the opening on the inside of the hat. Cut this out and se to the top. Sew the remainder to the bottom and cut and style into shape (keep one end square). Finally lay the third sheet  slightly over the square end of the brim and stitch in place then curl up and attach to the main cone with a piece of cotton.

And there you have it. One Pirate girl with her Pirate ship disguise!

World Book Day Costume The Night Pirates



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