The Best Last Minute Washi Tape Wedding Card

You know how it is?!

It’s the morning of the wedding and you’ve sorted your outfit, hair and nails. You’ve bought the perfect gift for the bride and groom, but you’ve forgotten to buy a card…

Don’t panic! You can make this super cute wedding card for the happy couple using your washi stash and they will be thrilled to receive a hand-made card from you too.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Card

What You Need To Make A DIY Washi Tape Wedding Card

Washi tape (you can find a great selection at The Paperdashery)
A small card blank and envelope (or fold a card blank with your card stock).
Fine tip coloured pens

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Card

How To Make A DIY Washi Tape Wedding Card

1. Choose which washi tape to use. You might opt for traditional muted colours, a floral pattern, or you might use a tape that represents the couple (aeroplane tape if they love to travel for instance).
2. Cut 3 lengths of tape, each one a little shorter than the last.
3. Place your strips of tape on the card, with the largest at the bottom, smallest at the top, leaving a small gap between each strip and a large white space at the top and bottom of the card. This will form a basic wedding cake shape.
4. Add small details with your pens, including the cake stand and a mini bride and groom.

DIY Washi Tape wedding card


TIP: You could repeat this design on a smaller card to create a gift tag, or use wide washi tape to make a wedding cake shape on plain gift-wrapping.
This is a Guest Post by : Gude Hudson-Gool
Gude is the owner of The Paperdashery, an online stationery boutique supplying all you need to send happiness through the mail. She is also founder of  #MamaMail. A project that sends happiness to new mamas. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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