Winnie The Witch Costume

I’ve used this DIY Winnie The Witch Costume a couple of times (one of the great things about having a family of girls is re-use!). And I absolutely love the end result. For more world book day costume ideas have a look here.

Winnie The Witch is a great character as she has some key pieces that make up her character. We chose to focus on

  • Her mad striped tights and black boots
  • Purple coat
  • Pointy witches hat
  • Crazy hair
  • Red nose
  • Black lips
  • Her broomstick
  • And of course her scruffy black cat Wilbur

DiY Winnie The Witch Costume


Luckily my girls love their crazy tights so we already had a great pair of those and a pair of black tights. I found an inexpensive, long woollen, waistcoat type, cardigan in one of our supermarkets and our dressing up box is full of witches hats (having Three girls comes in handy sometimes).

Winnie’s hat is blue and purple stripes with a yellow moon and star on it so we picked a hat that has some purple/pink colour on it and then wrapped and stapled some blue tulle on to it to create the stripes. We cut out a paper moon and star sticking the star on the front and the moon on the back (the has wasn’t quite long enough to have both on the front).

Winnie’s face

To make her crazy hair we cut lengths of black tulle, folded them in half, and sewed them around the edge of the hat. This really helps bring the  character to life. Black faceprint on the lips and some makeup on the nose pulls it all together for that Winnie look.

Winnie The Witch Face


Wilbur turned out to be loads of fun and my girls kept him as a tot pet for a few years. He was made by making a large pom pom out of black tulle. Then, large green pom poms and some white paper pupils were hot glued on for eyes and a red pom pom used for his nose. The girls then drew a massive smile to stick on and if you look carefully you might see some shiny blue tinsel whiskers. The finished ball of scruffy black cat was then glued to the broom stick just in front of the bristles.

DIY Wilbur The Cat


I always save some of the cardboard from any flat pack furniture we use as it’s so useful for costumes and crafting. To make the long broom handle I folded a long rectangular piece into a triangular tube and masking taped around it at intervals along the length.  How to make a witches broomstick from cardboard

I then cut cut strips in almost to the edge of a couple of other pieces to creat the brush part of the broom and wedged then into one of the open ends of the broom handle.

Detail on Winnie The Witch Broomstick

I totally love World Book Day and the fact my girls embrace getting dressed up and having fun.

It gets them talking about books. Books they love, books they’ve read, books they’d like to read. They immerse themselves in the far way land and characters that live on paper and in their imagination. What would we do without books?!

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  1. Jen says:

    Oh Wilber is just adorable. I want a Wilber. Fab costume and model!

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