Yarn Craft Teepee – Tea Light Holder

Grab yourself some sticks, yarn and cardboard, glue gun and make this wonderful Yarn Craft Teepee, Tea Light Holder. They are beautiful as decorations, table lights, festival accessories or just to play with.

Please note you need to use battery operated tea lights not candles. Flames, twins and wool don’t work well together!

Yarn Craft Tipi

Take five sticks roughly the same length and some small bundles of coloured yarn


Tie three sticks together and spread them out around a circle shape to work out what size cardboard base you want. I use cookie cutters but a cup or glass would work just as well.

Yarn Stick Teepee Craft

Cut out your cardboard circle and cut five notches around the edges making sure to leave a wider gap between two of them for the entrance (wide enough to get a battery operated tea light inside).

Yarn Stick Teepee Craft

Using a glue gun glue the three sticks not the notches you cut out of the circle.

Yarn Stick Teepee Craft

Glue the remaining sticks in place before tying the yarn around them.

Yarn Stick Teepee

Now start wrapping the yarn tightly around the sticks until you drop just below the join of the two sticks that form the opening to the teepee.

Yarn Teepee Craft

Wrap the yarn around the door stick, up and over the next stick, wrap straight across all the other sticks until you come to the other door stick when you start the whole process again. Go backwards and forwards doing this until you have wrapped the whole teepee.

Yarn Teepee

Yarn Tipi

Carefully cut off the overhanging cardboard.

Yarn Teepee Tea Light Holder

Yarn Craft Teepee

Yarn Teepee Craft

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24 Responses to Yarn Craft Teepee – Tea Light Holder

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  2. Jen Walshaw says:

    I adore these, so beautiful. They would make great places for toys to live too!

  3. Elaine Croft says:

    Oh wow well done! These are so cute! I feel like a crafting afternoon is needed, they would make lovely table decorations.

  4. Foz says:

    So cute and look like so much fun to make!

  5. Rachel says:

    Oh wow these are really cute, what a great idea x

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh those are so cute – I can just imagine they being used on a camp out! x

  7. Rachel says:

    ohh these are so cute!

  8. oana79 says:

    They are very pretty, and so creative an activity too!xx

  9. Sarah Ebner says:

    Lovely idea and they look great (and not actually too complicated!)

  10. Michelle says:

    These are so flipping awesome!!!!!!

  11. Michelle says:

    These are very cute! xx

  12. Ness says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I’ll have to show this to my daughter’s Brown Owl.

  13. Sonia says:

    These look awesome, I’ve seen so many projects with wool recently and they just look so pretty 🙂

  14. Adele says:

    Cute! It would make a sweet doll’s tepee.

  15. I could see the Barbie dolls having their own festival with crafts like this!!

  16. Kara says:

    These are very cute – will you be decorating the tent with them at Camp b?

  17. A fab little craft, so simple but really effective. Mich x

  18. Oh these are so pretty! I love them, they’d look fab on my windowsill x x x

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  23. BeGood says:

    I find these Native American appropriations culturally offensive. Please change the name to something that does not suggest it has any Native American reference. Maybe “yarn pyramids”…

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